Residential Fee Schedule


Inspection Type        Property Type                            Fee*

Interior                 SFR, PUD, Condominium      $400

Interior                 2 - 4 Units                          $600

Exterior                SFR, PUD, Condominium       $300

Exterior                2 - 4 Units                           $475

- FHA is an additional $50 (must be interior inspection).

- Rush Fee is an additional $75.

- Upgrade from exterior inspection to interior inspection (after exterior report has been completed) is an additional $150.

*Fees shown are for non-complex assignments.  Please contact us for fee quotes for complex assignments.

Apartments, Commercial & Industrial Fees

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This is not an all inclusive list of services that Real Estate Valuations, Inc. can provide.  Please contact us for further assistance.  When ordering please specify a due date to allow for the most efficient scheduling.  We are reputable in providing reliable and timely service at very competitive pricing.